SENCRLsociété en nom collectif à responsabilité limitée (professional services firms)
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As for stockbrokers of the Wall Street species, they transact practically all their business by telephone.
Your position as secretary to the minister renders your authority great on the subject of political news; you never open your mouth but the stockbrokers immediately stenograph your words.
You might just as well be a barrister, or a stockbroker, or a journalist at once.
Get him to tell you how he sold to a stockbroker a Cabinet secret.
In Brittany he had come across a painter whom nobody else had heard of, a queer fellow who had been a stockbroker and taken up painting at middle-age, and he was greatly influenced by his work.
To look at, one might think he was a successful stockbroker, and not one of the greatest painters of the age.
I met a young New York stockbroker, named Nesbitt, in London, and in common with all London, I suppose, by this time, I learnt the secret of all those anonymous contributions to the hospitals and other charitable causes during the last year.
If everything was always smooth, you know, then of course every one would turn stockbroker, and you would have to hold your meetings in Hyde Park.
Well, never mind," said Saillard, enthusiastically, "we can always make it up through Falleix, who is going to extend his business and use his brother, whom he has made a stockbroker on purpose.
Then she reinvested, and, owing to the good advice of her stockbrokers, became rather richer than she had been before.
The person to whom I have been speaking is my stockbroker.
A slight snore was the only reply: the honest stockbroker was asleep, and so the rest of Joseph's story was lost for that day.