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SENDSpecial Educational Needs and Disability (First Tier Tribunal; Education Act of 1993; Darlington, UK)
SENDSoutheast Neighborhood Development
SENDStandard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data
SENDStolen Equipment National Database (UK)
SENDSimple, Effective, Necessary, Done (successful email)
SENDSearch Engine for NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory) Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
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the company can send alerts to all students, or segments of a student population.
Stealing data: Anyone on the network can send any machine on the network a message claiming to be the network's Internet gateway.
Even so, 80% of the money that immigrants send to their countries of origin passes through our offices," says Gonzalo Valiente Calvo, vice president of the National Association of Remittance Agencies.
A benefit of using Mail Merge to send a large number of customized e-marls is the increased security that comes from sending each message individually rather than as part of a group.
Go and make disciples of all nations," and "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves .
E-mail operates under an "opt-out" law, which means you can send commercial e-mails until the recipient requests that he or she receive no more e-mails from the sender.
The more anonymously they can send email, the more likely it is that they will be able to continue using the same systems and services they are using without threat of interruption.
One of the key objections to banning spam is that it amounts to censorship: No one, the argument goes, should have the right to interfere with a person's private e-mail or decide who can or cannot send e-mail or what it may contain.
Most people send written communications that are in some way focused and reasonably complete.
Or you can send the file data as an e-mail attachment.
After September 25, you will have to send the forms by some other communications, such as U.