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SENDSpecial Educational Needs and Disability (First Tier Tribunal; Education Act of 1993; Darlington, UK)
SENDSoutheast Neighborhood Development
SENDStandard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data
SENDStolen Equipment National Database (UK)
SENDSearch Engine for NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory) Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
SENDSimple, Effective, Necessary, Done (successful email)
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And he didn't even know who I was till I took the calf's-foot jelly, and had to make him understand that Aunt Polly didn't send it, and--"
"And Miss Polly wouldn't send the jelly herself, would she?"
Just as if ANYBODY couldn't see 'twas Miss Polly!--an' her sayin' she wouldn't send him no jelly, too.
Stay where you are, then; you are not in anybody's way; I do not mind your being here, no more do any of the others, and when Telemachus comes home he will give you a shirt and cloak and will send you wherever you want to go."
He would put me in prison, and would have all of you murdered; keep your own counsel therefore; buy your merchandise as fast as you can, and send me word when you have done loading.
Pardon Mujakachi, Country Manager for Ghana at WorldRemit, says: 'Ensuring digital inclusion for financial services for women on both the send and receive side is critically important, as we know that when women thrive, families, businesses and local economies thrive too.
Here are two ways to send fruit to Saigon the most suitable.
Sandwell also sends card to China, 375 tonnes in 2016/17, as well as sending cans, plastics and card and paper to overseas locations in Europe and beyond.
The update means Android users who want to send money don't have to look to other apps, such as Venmo.
With Send Anywhere, a platform-agnostic file sharing service, users can transfer digital content between a range of different devices and operating systems peer-to-peer, in real-time, and without cloud storage.
View over Hunningham send in by Louise Reilly from Coventry
If you send us your best selfie stick pictures we will publish them on