SENDASpecial Educational Needs and Disabilities Act (UK)
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SENDA has offices across the country and offers a wide variety of drug prevention and treatment programs for the general population, including programs targeting adolescents, women and their children, and prisoners.
There are nearly 200 drug treatment facilities in Chile which have agreements with SENDA.
By cutting out its eyes, nose, and mouth, Sendas has disfigured it in a way that recalls the slashes in the canvases found in the studio of Francis Bacon after his death and also Rene Magritte's famous painting The Son of Man, 1964, in which a man's face is replaced by a green apple.
The Sendas made five different arguments to the Eighth Circuit, but the appeals court spent time only on the second, quickly disposing of the other four.
28, 1998, the Sendas transferred 28,500 shares of MCI WorldCom from their joint brokerage accounts to SFLP I in exchange for their GP and LP interests.