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SENEXSenior Executive
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Cecidit illic ergo Boegsceg Rex, et Sidroc ille senex comes, et Sidroc Junior comes, et Obsbern comes," etc.
Senex contributed approximately 30% of the costs to drill Frey-1.
Senex has locked in pricing with suppliers for a significant proportion of the $50 million Phase 2 work program, which includes the construction of gas and water handling infrastructure.
Senex CEO Ian Davies, said, "We've got a great relationship with Wild Desert - we do a lot of work with them in the Cooper Basin, and when it comes to having trust in the supplier in what's a really important program, which is rehabilitating wells, we have no hesitations in providing the work to Wild Desert."
Senexs Project Atlas has contracts with CSR supporting 200 jobs, with O-I glass and with Orora to supply three manufacturing plants in Queensland.
Allocosa senex (Mello-Leitao, 1945) is a wolf spider that inhabits the sandy coastal areas of northeastern Argentina, southern Brazil and Uruguay (Simo et al.
Insurance Brokerage; Senex Insurance Services, Inc.; Stratton Agency; and Clark and Associates of Nevada, Inc, the company said.
Por tanto, la influencia de la atellana no se encuentra nunca en los dramatispersonae, salvo tal vez en un caso excepcional, el del senex de Casina.
Camponotus senex (Smith, 1858) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): nuevo registro para Tamaulipas.
Senescence derived from a Latin word senex means old age.
Nescioquid malefactum a nostra hic familiast, quantum audio: ita hic senex talos elidi iussit conservis meis; sed me excepit: nihili facio, quid illis faciat ceteris.
senex solo fue capturado en el mes de junio en ambos ecosistemas.