SENGOSenior Engineering Officer (Royal Australian Air Force)
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Eduardo Sengo, CTA: I think it would be interesting to hear Professor Paulo Mole's perspective who works at AGRA and has extensive knowledge in this particular field.
(31.) Takuji Kurata's Saibankan no sengo shi (A Postwar History of a Judge) was written as a series of essays published in the Hanrei Times, a legal biweekly publication.
The author's goal is to rethink Japan's modernity, including its long-lasting "sengo" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (postwar) period, by examining the works of Murakami Haruki [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Nihon eiga to sengo no shinwa [The Japanese Cinema and the Myths of Postwar].
Philopon Ka: Sengo Sakka no Seitai Philopon (Disaster: Modes of lives of post-war novelists), Sekai Hyouron (World View).pp.
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(30.) Both events are described in Sengo Okayama no Bijutsu -Zen'ei tachi no Sugata (Art in Postwar Okayama--Portraits of the Avant-garde), exhibition catalogue (Okayama: Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, 2002), 114-15.
As the war fades into the past, there is certainly a more self-confident air among many Japanese politicians and voters who feel that the country needs to move on from the long post-war (sengo) period, and find a new, more assertive role in the region and the world.
"Tohoku tai noson ni okeru shugyo kozo no tenkai: Ichi noson kara mita tai sengo keizai shi" [Structural change of labour market for peasants in northeast Thailand].
House of the Diet" ("Hitozukuri" Enzetsu), Sengo Nihon