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SENIORNickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually Connected With Logistics Support
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Then the Senior Subaltern looked at The Worm from the boots upwards, and down again, and said, "Done, Baby." The Worm took the rest of the Mess to witness that the bet had been taken, and retired into a book with a sweet smile.
He had formed his own opinion from the papers entrusted to him, and did not especially want to go into the matter with his senior partner.
Ablewhite, senior, refused to lend his son a farthing.
I'm not sure that the best thing you can do is not to realize what you can, and imitate your senior's example.
"I thought I was well acquainted with the various methods by which a gentleman can throw away his money," the senior partner remarked.
The senior officer moved with big, rapid strides from one gun to another with a frowning face.
At this solemn indictment the novice raised his hand and twitched his lip, while even the placid senior brothers glanced across at each other and coughed to cover their amusement.
Weller, senior; 'and it's just the same vith pickled salmon!'
The little school world of Wareham palpitates with excitement when it sees the senior and the junior editors of The Pilot walking together!"
He was in the first form, within two or three places of the top, and after Christmas when several boys would be leaving for the senior school he would be head boy.
It is also proper, that for performing these exercises the citizens should be divided into distinct classes, according to their ages, and that the young persons should have proper officers to be with them, and that the seniors should be with the magistrates; for having them before their eyes would greatly inspire true modesty and ingenuous fear.
"`Potent, wise, and reverend Seniors,'" quoted Phil.