SENSRState Engineering and Science Recruitment (Texas Education Agency)
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Conley were both interviewed and shared their thoughts regarding the SENSR program.
Conley shared thoughts from an acquisition perspective and how the SENSR program aligns with operational planning.
Conley were asked about any potential challenges of the SENSR program, they both recognized that while it is not uncommon for any program to have risks, the importance is how the risks are managed and mitigated.
Moorefield believe SENSR will be a success by using a system-of-systems approach, leveraging diversity, replacing legacy infrastructure through an innovative approach to acquisition of new technologies and the financial support of the SRF.
Approval to continue exploring the consolidation comes months after the group submitted its SENSR Pipeline Plan to a technical panel that is comprised of officials from OMB, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).
Next up for the SENSR team will be to make use of the newly approved funds to conduct a feasibility study, which will involve research and development, engineering studies, economic analysis and planning.
SENSR has also sought feedback from industry players on the possibility of surveillance solutions.