SEOCSubmarine Extended Operating Cycle
SEOCSubmarine Engineered Operating Cycle
SEOCSoftware Executive Officials Council
SEOCSearch Engine Optimization Center
SEOCSystems Engineering Operations Center
SEOCSpace Environmental Operations Center
SEOCSudan Ecumenical Operation Consortium
SEOCSexual Exploitation of Children
SEOCState Emergency Operations Center
SEOCState Emergency Operations Centre (Australia)
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We have also given all the first-response agencies, including police, fire, and public health departments, at least one (Motorola) STARCOM 21 800 MHz radio, so if all other communications failed, they could at least communicate with the SEOC.
The FHWA Florida Division emergency response team was called on to report for shifts at the SEOC in Tallahassee.
In 2004 the FDOT team working in the SEOC had state-of-the-art facilities and technical support, but their own operations center at the FDOT headquarters was less sophisticated.
Last year we pushed a lot of the missions over from the SEOC using Lotus[R] Notes[R].
He also serves as a member of the Florida State Emergency Response Team, and he worked at the SEOC and in the field during the 2004-2005 hurricane emergencies.
The SEOC is using Autodesk MapGuide software for several parts of its hurricane preparedness and homeland security initiatives.
Using Autodesk MapGuide software, the Florida SEOC can share information about Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood zones, emergency shelters, and other disaster services with many other local and state organizations, as well as the public.
The SEOC also plans to integrate hurricane forecast information from the National Weather Services into Autodesk MapGuide-created maps, allowing SEOC Staff to conduct predictive modeling and estimate human and property impact of disasters.
The SEOC is overseen by the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division and coordinates response and recovery efforts by state agencies and local government.
The safety and health of the SEOC project s workers are fundamental to this partnership with MIOSHA.
We take seriously the challenge to not only commit to the success of the SEOC project, but to commit to improving the effectiveness of the use of a job hazard analysis, a leading industry wide safety planning tool, and mentoring other companies in the future.