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SEOGSupplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
SEOGState Educational Opportunity Grant (various locations)
SEOGStichting Eerstelijns Ondersteuning Groningen (Dutch: Primary Care Foundation Groningen; Groningen, Netherlands)
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You lose that flexibility," Fansmith says of eliminating SEOG.
Some models combine SEOG, Perkins, and FWS in the familiar "campus-based" aid package.
SEOG can provide an additional $4,000 to Pell-eligible students, and the Student Aid Alliance is campaigning to raise funding for that program to $1 billion.
In a follow-up to that report, The Boston Globe last month noted that Massachusetts, which has 80 private two- and four-year private colleges, received $80 million in SEOG, Perkins Loans and federal funding for work-study jobs in the 2002-2003 academic year.
General Accounting Office, only 4 percent of dependent students earning less than $20,000 a year qualify for HOPE, largely because they also receive Pell or SEOG funds.