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SEOGStichting Eerstelijns Ondersteuning Groningen (Dutch: Primary Care Foundation Groningen; Groningen, Netherlands)
SEOGSupplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
SEOGState Educational Opportunity Grant (various locations)
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You lose that flexibility," Fansmith says of eliminating SEOG.
The Education Department said SEOG has awarded funds "under an outdated statutory formula" that does not always reflect the greatest need.
Baime added that the nation's community colleges currently receive between 3 and 15 percent of federal campus-based aid: 15 percent for both work-study and SEOG money, and 3 percent for Perkins loans.
The study, jointly commissioned by the Office of the SEOG and the Bank s Department for Agriculture and Agro industry, recognizes opportunities for women in four subsectors mainly cocoa, coffee, cotton and cassava sectors in Cote d Ivoire, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.
Bechtle continued, "This will be accomplished by combinations of CLC funding and funding from private sources, as well as by shifting to the Chicago Learning Center in accordance with applicable law, SEOG and Perkins Loan funds presently allocated among our ten other Learning Centers.