SEOPStudent Educational Occupational Plan (Utah)
SEOPSearch Engine Optimization Performance (SEO company)
SEOPShore Equal Opportunity Program
SEOPSystem Employment and Organization Plan
SEOPSystems Employment and Operations Plan
SEOPSpin-Exchange Optical Pumping
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21] GE180 glass was chosen for neutron applications of SEOP because it has low permeability and does not contain boron.
Several effects related to the dependence of wall relaxation in SEOP cells on the sign, strength, and history of the magnetic field have been reported recently [22-24].
For SEOP cells in which 1) the alkali polarization can be maintained near 100%, 2) the spin-exchange rate is much slower than the room temperature relaxation rate, and 3) the value of X is in the empirically observed lowest range of 0.
The Annual Shareholders' Meeting resolved to adopt the Board's proposal regarding the extension of the long-term share-savings program, SEOP, for all of the Group's permanent employees for the 2011 - 2013 period.
Through an ongoing partnership involving students, parents, school counselors, and other school personnel, students in grades 7-12 develop their SEOP in collaboration with their parents or guardians, and the secondary school educator.
a student education and career planning document that includes evidence of school-to-work, education and career goals; a written four-year plan that includes graduation requirements; evidence of student, parent and counselor participation in the planning process; and a record of SEOP process activities.
A 1995 study by Kimball, Gardner and Ellison found that 74 percent of all Utah high schools reported parents and students were involved in the SEOP and 100 percent of schools reported that students complete or review their SEOP plans in the 10th grade.
The Utah State Board of Education has required secondary schools to assist every student in preparing an individual SEOP since 1984.
In recent years, the comprehensive guidance program has emerged as a driving force for SEOP improvement.
The SEOP is directed by individual student needs, educational needs and requirements and realistic assessment.
As a result of this innovation, we can fully automate our transactions, reduce our operating costs and become more competitive," said a member of the SEOP team.
Clean orders arrive directly into our system from SEOP making it easy and simple for all.