SEOSSShipboard Electro-Optic Surveillance System
SEOSSSlewable Electro-Optical Sensor System
SEOSSStabilized Electro Optical Sensor System
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Target acquisition is ensured by a Seoss, while a 12.7-mm Browning M2/3 machine gun is used for self-defence.
Touching an area of interest in this area of the screen automatically blows it up on the lower and larger window (B).A click on one of the surrounding buttons automatically calls the commander's stabilised Seoss electro-optical to point in that direction and mark the target, upon which the image is sent to the gunner s attention and to his own sighting system.
The weapon stabilisation is from Curtiss-Wright, and, thanks to a +450 [degrees] elevation, has an anti-aircraft (helicopter, basically) capability, while aiming is effected via Rheinmetall's own Gen III infrared and charge coupled device camera Seoss sight.