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SEPASingle Euro Payments Area (banking)
SEPAScottish Environment Protection Agency (statutory body)
SEPASolar Electric Power Association
SEPASoutheastern Power Administration
SEPAState Environment Protection Administration (China)
SEPASociedad Española de Periodoncia
SEPASindh Environmental Protection Agency (Pakistan)
SEPAState Environmental Policy Act of 1971
SEPASoutheastern Planetarium Association
SEPAServicio de Protección Agropecuaria (Central America)
SEPASoutheastern Pathology Associates (Brunswick, GA)
SEPASenior Ensign Present Afloat (Nautical)
SEPASingle-Engine Power Available (aviation)
SEPASignaling and End Point Application
SEPASingle Element Patch Antenna
SEPASystem Evaluation Planning and Assessment
SEPASoviet Extended Planning Annex
SEPASafety and Emergency Preparedness Analysis
SEPASoutheastern Psychological Association (est. 1955)
SEPASpecial Emergency Procurement Authority (US DoD)
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With many treasurers assessing best practices, one way to move beyond SEPA is to examine emerging treasury tools, and access those that could be helpfully deployed within treasurers' organizations.
AccessPay uses cloud-based technology to provide efficient, affordable and fully compliant solutions for Bacs, Direct Debit Management, Faster Payments, SEPA Credit Transfers, SEPA Direct Debits, HMRC RTI and Multi-Bank Cash Management.
Lengthy deadlines and SEPA zone uncertainty, can be held partly to blame for the lack of take-up; but the fact remains that 1 February 2014 is a fast looming deadline and 'wait and see' is no longer a viable option.
business reality, SEPA takes the time and risk out of implementing solar business plans and helps turn new technologies into new opportunities.
Nustatyta, kad vienas is rinkos issukiu finansu rinkos dalyviams bus mokejimu pokyciai ir inovacijos, ypac pabreziama SEPA pletra Europoje, nes bankams reikes rinktis--investicijos ir busimas pelnas arba nuostolis ir pasitraukimas is rinkos (Financial services in 2010, 2006).
This should be the ultimate goal, and SEPA will hopefully start the process towards enhanced common standards.
As a reflection of the urgency of China's emerging water crisis, SEPA Vice Minster Pan Yue has admitted that "one quarter of the Chinese people drink substandard water.
LAPS High Volume enables mass payments processing in several financial institutions across a range of European countries and has been enhanced to support SEPA payments.
Local officials often ignore emissions standards for polluting factories that pay local taxes: SEPA has closed factories, only to see them reopen weeks later.
It discharges material from oil service company Scotoil, who have a SEPA licence to clean contaminated drilling equipment from offshore installationsLast night, Robert Falconer, vice-convener of Aberdeen council environment committee, said: ``I am very worried.
A SEPA study in 2001 and 2002 found that 89% of sample measurements did not detect any residues of chemicals used to treat sea lice.
SEPA director Wang Zhijia said in a 16 January 2002 Internet article by the Xinhua News Agency that the impact of China's environmental issues on its national security, economy, and foreign trade have made "environmental diplomacy" an increasingly vital aspect of the country's foreign relations.