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240) Although this entity does not share the same level of legal authority as the SEPB, given the quality of experts, the public acclaim from the Governor's Office, and the subsequent adoption of related programs like Reimagining New York for a New Reality, their recommendations seem to have been quite influential.
Originally certified in 1967, Local 434 of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union/le Syndicat canadien des employees et employees professionnels et de bureau (COPE/SEPB) continues to represent approximately 2,000 workers at bank branches in the Montreal and Ottawa regions, "SEPB 434--Les syndiquees de la Banque Laurentienne," SEPB Quebec, http://www.
Neil Ducray, Touchmedia's Managing Director, and Deputy Party Secretary, Jiang Nan from SEPB were present to announce the 1st prize work named "Eco-Violin" made of waste paper, plastic pipes and cans made by Monica Liaw from New Zealand.