SEPECATSociété Européenne de Production de l'Avion ECAT (Ecole de Combat et Appui Tactique)
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THE SEPECAT Jaguar is an Anglo- French jet ground attack aircraft, originally used by the British Royal Air Force and the French Armee de l'Air in the close air support and nuclear strike role.
A real Sepecat Jaguar fighter jet lies upside down in Tate Britain, one of two works created by artist Fiona Banner for the 2010 Duveens Commission
UK operations of the Sepecat Jaguar are to end far sooner than expected, with the Royal Air Force revealing that training activities with the type.
With an informed and informative text by Glen Ashley, and enhanced with illustrations by David Gebhardt and Darren Glenn, as well as coloring by Don Greer, SEPECAT Jaguar In Action is one of the latest additions to the outstanding Squadron/Signal "In Action" series showcasing all aspects of fighter aircraft.
After the introduction of the SEPECAT Jaguar, the Phantom was transferred to the air defence of the United Kingdom and thus would not be readily available to defend the fleet.
* SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A/Jaguar A -- RAF/French air force strike aircraft.
Eurofighter Oman has moved closer to acquiring an unspecified number of Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to replace its remaining Sepecat Jaguars in a bilateral deal with the UK.
Both the US and British Air Forces have installed the improved data modem in some of its older ground attack aircraft, such as the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon and Sepecat Jaguar GR.4, to allow them to communicate with ground-based forward air controllers or other aircraft equipped with improved data modem terminals.
The Royal Air Force of Oman employs both the Sepecat Jaguar and the single-seat BAE Systems Hawk 203 in the ground attack role.
Rolls-Royce revealed during the show that it has installed and tested its Adour 821 engine in a Sepecat Jaguar strike aircraft in support of a potential upgrade for the Indian air force.