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SEPIASafeguarding European Photographic Images for Access
SEPIASafeguarding European Photographic Images for Access (EU)
SEPIASouth East Paranormal Investigators Association (Jacksonville, NC)
SEPIAStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy International Association
SEPIAService Enabling Platform for Intelligent Access
SEPIAStandard ECRC (European Computer-Industry Research Centre) Prolog Integrating Applications (software)
SEPIAShips External Power Interface Assembly
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Haseeb Kodvavi, the Co-Founder of Sepia Solutions, said, "Colgate is a prestigious organization which is growing at an exponential rate and Google Cloud will help them to the next level of organizational growth.
Sepia apama eats fish and crustaceans (Norman 2000) and lives in crevices or caves on rocky reefs (Zeidler and Norris 1989).
The Correct cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis (Ehrenberg, 1831) is a broadly distributed species with substantial fisheries importance found from east Africa to southern Japan (Roper et al.
to see photos of the Sepia Pressure Test gallery from the official Web site of "MasterChef Australia.
In the same publication Massy (1925: 212) described Sepia natalensis, which was later synonymised with S.
In the case of sepia melanin, the pka of the carboxylic acid group (thought to be derived from DHICA monomer) is reported to be 3,1 (3).
We tweak classic cocktails to make modern drinks," echoes Sepias head bartender, Joshua Pearson.
NEW photographs tinged to look like sepia are being used to inform players about changes to their golf course.
With the warm thickness of sending letters home to your parents, May's Good Feeling Music is a collection of songs that sound like modern life made to look sepia toned.
Fast forward to 2007, and Meredith Martin is researching a biography on Claude Debussy, armed with a haunting piece of piano music and a sepia photograph.
In his wallet he carries a sepia photo of his 1951 team.
Three years ago dogs housed at a Rhode Island shelter intrigued photographer Traer Scott: today his interest translates well to a photo celebration of these animals in Shelter Dogs, which comes from a volunteer shelter worker and pairs black and white and sepia photos with animal names and occasional notes on their endearing qualities.