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SEPOStudent Environmental Protection Organization
SEPOSoftware Engineering Process Office (now called Systems Engineering Process Office; SSC San Diego)
SEPOSystems Engineering Process Office
SEPOSenior Emergency Planning Officer
SEPOSt. Edmunds Property Owners (est. 1975; Canada)
SEPOSSI (Solid State Imaging) Education and Public Outreach (Galileo spacecraft mission; US NASA)
SEPOSupport Equipment Project Officer
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9003)], enforcement and compliance with the law remains a daunting task due to technical, political, and financial limitations of concerned agencies and [local government units (LGU)],' said the SEPO. 'Majority of LGUs have yet to comply with the provisions of RA 9003, particularly on the establishment of local [solid waste management (SWM)] Boards, submission of SWM Plans, establishment of [materials-recovery facilities], and closure of all open and controlled dumpsites.'
Note: GOM, Gulf of Mexico, IO, Indian Ocean; NCS, North China Sea; NEAO, Northeast Atlantic Ocean; NEPO, Northeast Pacific Ocean; NPO, Northern Pacific Ocean; NWAO, Northwest Atlantic Ocean; NWPO, Northwest Pacific Ocean; SCS, South China Sea; SEPO, Southeast Pacific Ocean; SWPO, Southwest Pacific Ocean.
Porem, sepo, genero e sexualidade sao coisas diferentes.
(115) SEPO, "Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA): An Assessment", op.
Somchai Sujjapongse, Director-General of State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) Ministry of Finance, Thailand
Somchai Sujjapongse Director-General of State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) Ministry of Finance, Thailand
(4) Molina comenta esta memoria: "El ano de 1815 mandado por el Gobernador de Montevideo tomar las armas a fabor de la Patria y en contra de el Rei lo reuse y sufri la pricion de los dos piez en el sepo de la ciudadela" (Molina 72).
Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) has appointed Sepo Lamaswala--Haihambo as the senior relationship manager of International Development Groups (IDG), with effect from 7 February 2011.
One of the hypothesis states that the hypoxic exposition during training (IHT), similarly to the IHE, may stimulate serum erythropoietin synthesis (sEPO), which allows for an increase in erythrocyte count and improved oxygen supply to the working muscles.
lo que pasa es que de repente nosotros, ponte tu tengo que hacer algo, no nosotros salimos cuando queramos, entonces de repente no podemos ir por el dia, si tuviesemos auto por ultimo vamos a almorzar con amigos o de repente queremos ir al [persa] Bio - Bio o no se, ir a cualquier parte y no sepo' tenimos que tomar auto, porque no tenemos auto, Jorge de repente va a fiesta en la noche, la Nicole igual, o sea tengo que conseguirme auto pa' la dos o tres de la manana irlos a buscar (Jonathan, 47 anos, Recoleta).
In order to evaluate the differences in serum erythropoietin (sEpo) levels in different anemia groups among pediatric patients, we worked sEpo levels in iron deficiency anemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), fanconi anemia (FA), thallasemia intermedia (TI) and healthy controls.