SEPOCSouth East Proof of Concept (university commercialism; UK)
SEPOCStreamlined Equipment Provisioning Operations Center
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SEPOC's success in managing Block 18, considered to be the most complicated for the operations due to its huge oil and gas installations and large geological area, plus the difficulty to manage its sources after being exhausted by the former operator, proved that the national staff is more able to get and manage other blocks, which are less complicated.
The decision taken by the political leadership, represented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the role played by Parliament that mandated SEPOC to manage Block 18 was a wise one.
The author is Manger of Exploration and Development Department at SEPOC.
The young men of Sepoc Dos (the original Sepoc was razed during the civil war) know better than to speak up when their elders are talking to visitors.
What they say, in Spanish, a tongue their elders have never learned, is that they see no future in Sepoc Dos, that they hope one day to leave and get an education or a job in Guatemala City or the United States.
Further, Yemen has attempted to replace YEPC in the Marib Block with a government-owned company, Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company ("SEPOC").