SEPOMEXServicio Postal Mexicano (Mexican Postal Service)
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As Convergencia deputy Jesus Gonzalez observed: "We know Sepomex is rife with deficiencies, that its delivery times and its handling of correspondence as compared to that of other countries are excessive, and that losing mail is the norm."
"One of the main concerns is that the envelopes containing the ballots do not get lost in the mail," said Ugalde, who is working with SEPOMEX to create a special system of bar codes to identify absentee ballots.
Plus, Sepomex officials are also working in a statistics vacuum: It's difficult to gauge to what degree Mexican mail volumes have deteriorated over the years since past administrations inflated numbers.
Sepomex has been calling for legal reform that would give it a monopoly on lightweight package deliveries, which could force private couriers to charge up to seven times the government's prices.
The Mexican Postal Service (Sepomex) first began losing money in 1999, but by 2000, losses were reaching $200 million pesos a year, and $600 million pesos in 2001.
Legislative leaders agreed to pare some expenditures such as those for the Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX) and the state-run Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LFC) to accommodate some increases sought by the PAN- PRD coalition.
The postal service (SEPOMEX) has accepted the importance of direct marketing to its operations now that it no longer exists on government subsidies.