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SEPPSubstantially Equal Periodic Payments (premature IRA distributions)
SEPPSingle-Edge Processor Package (IC)
SEPPScience & Environmental Policy Project
SEPPSecure Electronic Payment Protocol
SEPPSingle Ended Push Pull
SEPPSolar Electric Primary Propulsion
SEPPSakai Educational Partners Programme
SEPPSecure Electronic Payment Process
SEPPSociety for the Education of Physicians & Patients
SEPPState Environmental Protection Plan
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But Sepp Blatter has so far refused to resign, and said that the allegations against FIFA bought "shame and humiliation to football".
There is no way of rebuilding trust in FIFA while Sepp Blatter is still there, Dyke said , adding " He either has to go through a resignation, or he has to be out-voted or we have to find a third way".
Ali Hussein If anyone could mix the best qualities of all the candidates into one we would end up with a well-rounded, fullyequipped challenger who might give Sepp Blatter a run for his money.
According to the Guardian, in Zurich on Thursday afternoon, nearly three years after the jaw dropping vote to hand the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, Sepp Blatter began chairing a two-day meeting of a Fifa executive committee debating a decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the global game.
Sepp Blatter believes there is still time to switch the 2022 World Cup to winter "The executive committee will certainly follow my proposal.
Note: However, a life only or life with period-certain guarantee settlement option should qualify for the SEPP exception to the 10 percent penalty tax rule under IRC Section 72(q)(2)(D).
Sepp said he was overall satisfied with what his team has achieved so far after two days of racing, noting that most of these races were tough and exciting as several teams have developed from the previous year's championship.
Depuis sa reelection en juin 2011, alors que la Fifa baignait dans une atmosphere de scandales et affaires en tout genre, Sepp Blatter a lance une vaste politique de bonne gouvernance et de transparence.
This interesting volume on permaculture and small scale alternative farming techniques provides detailed practical information while showing readers a glimpse inside the life and work of Sepp Holzer, a Austrian farmer who has transformed a small farm in Salzburg into a beacon for gardeners and activists for food independence around the world seeking alternatives to corporate controlled agriculture.
Senior members of the sporting community have rounded on Fifa President Sepp Blatter, calling on him to resign over remarks purportedly denying any racism in professional football.
BERLIN: German football legend Franz Beckenbauer Monday tipped UEFA chief Michel Platini to succeed Sepp Blatter as the next president of world football governing body FIFA.