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April Caudill: SEPP stands for series of substantially equal periodic payments.
With one exception, which I discuss below, the SEPP cannot be modified until the later of two events occurs: the client either reaches age 59 1/2, or completes five years of payouts.
Payments are considered to be SEPP if they meet one of the following three payment methods:
Using this fact pattern, one can calculate the SEPP amount under the RMD method using each of the three allowable life expectancy tables.
For example, a client wishing to meet short-term financial needs with IRA distributions may prefer to maximize the SEPP withdrawal over the shortest possible period.
Strategic choices made in establishing the SEPP will permit the IRA owner to exercise some control over the amount to be received consistently over the payout period.
Of all the techniques available to avoid the early distribution penalty, the substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP) alternative is the most universally available.
This article examines the formulas provided by the IRS as safe-harbor methods for calculating the SEPP amount.
Although the SEPP exception provides many taxpayers with the opportunity to withdraw funds from their retirement accounts penalty-free prior to reaching the age of 59 1/2, the benefits attained through the use of this exception do not come without a price.
The SEPP exception basically states that a taxpayer is allowed to withdraw equal or substantially equal amounts from a deferred account (i.e., an IRA), on at least an annual basis, for a period based on the IRA owner's life expectancy or the joint life expectancy of the owner and his designated beneficiary, without being subject to the 10% penalty.
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