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SEPSSubdural Evacuating Port System (subdural hematoma treatment)
SEPSSubfascial Endoscopic perforator Surgery
SEPSSchool of Education and Professional Studies (various schools)
SEPSShortstop Electronic Protection System
SEPSSoutheastern Pharmacology Society
SEPSStandard Electronic Processing System
SEPSSprint Email Protection Services
SEPSSecondary/Solar Electric Power System
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Of course, these same benefits could also be achieved under SEPS by simply extending the expungement or offense-lowering provisions to those sentences.
This SEP, named SEP-16, tests the delegation of program-level responsibilities of the Federal-aid highway system to States.
This situation is not unique to SEPs; it arises frequently when firms are faced with patent infringement claims for products they have independently developed or technologies they have inadvertently infringed.
Anyone who buys individual coverage now is supposed to have what a state's exchange sees as a good excuse to qualify for a special enrollment period, or SEP.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently included tougher SEP verification rules in a new package of draft regulations.
(20) These patents are not necessarily more valuable or better than alternative patents for similar methods or products; however, once incorporated into the standard, implementers of the standard must use the SEPs to comply with the technical standard.
However, SEPs who receive income purely from business or practice of profession, they can use the simpler and shorter BIR Form No.
- DOCOMO Ranked World's Top Mobile Operator in 5G SEP Applications and Contributions to 5G Standard -
To increase contrast between the PP and SEPS phases in blends, some ultrathin sections are exposed to RuO4 vapor for 30 min or to OsO4 for 2 min.
Department of Veteran Affairs and the complete rewrite of the Department of Defense Space and Equipment Planning (SEPS) for Chapter 540.
* The SAFE initiative places great emphasis on the off-campus, farmer-focused Supervised Enterprise Projects (SEPs) component of the training program.