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SEPSSubfascial Endoscopic perforator Surgery
SEPSShortstop Electronic Protection System
SEPSSoutheastern Pharmacology Society
SEPSStandard Electronic Processing System
SEPSSprint Email Protection Services
SEPSSecondary/Solar Electric Power System
SEPSSchool of Education and Professional Studies (various schools)
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We substitute the coefficient of variation of the earnings forecasts for SEPS, the logarithm of (1+OPTPREM) for OPTPREM, and the logarithm of ilq for ilq.
The volume fraction of the dispersed phase was increased as the copolymerization ratio of the styrene for SEBS and SEPS.
SEPS is preferable to conservative treatment only in selected cases of chronic venous insufficiency, he concluded.
Being independent from the grid, SEPS offers reduced maintenance cycles, an easy installation and relocation, and a green, sustainable energy generating solution.
There will also be a general price increase for SEPS polymers and SEPS compounds of 15 cpp or $330 /mt.
As of 2014, Amatsigroup began to expand internationally with the acquisition of its subsidiaries SEPS Pharma in Belgium and Amatsigroup Inc.