SEPTARSeaborne Powered Target
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BRIVE: R Sola (A Niesen, 74), E Radikedike, A Septar (B Petre, 50), C Tuatara-Morrison, B Masilevu, N Bezy, B Duhalde (J Pejoine, 37); D Lavergne (G Shvelidze, 55), T Acquier (G Ribes, 60), G Jgenti (Y Tuncer, 55), V Lebas (P Marais, 34), W Steenkamp, S Hireche (captain, H Briatte, 65)), P Luafutu, W Whetton.
Just as target drones remain essential to fighter pilot missile training, so they do for naval weapons practice and the US Navy retains a number of systems in service including the Mobile Ship Target, High Speed Manoeuvrable Seaborne targets and the OST-33/-35/-35A Septar targets.
ROMANIA: M Vioreanu, C Sauan, G Brezioanu, R Gontineac, G Solomie, L Vusec, P Mitu; C Draguceanu, E Septar, A Petrache, T Constantin, T Brinza, C Stan, P Balan, R Mavrodin.
ROMANIA: Vioreanu; Fugigi, Brezoianu, Gontineac, Sauan; Vusec, Mitu; Niculae, Balan, Stan, Draguceanu, Chiriac, Corodeanu, Petrache, capt, Septar. Replacements - Iacob, Hildan, Solomie, Slusaruic, Popean, Tudosa, Chirita.
ROMANIA: Vioreanu; Sauan, Brezoainu, Gontineac, Solomie; Vusec, Mitu; Mavrodin, Balan, Stan (Dima, 78), Constantin, Brinza, Petrache, Septar (Corodeanu, 78), Draguceanu.
ROMANIA: Viroreanu; Sauan, Brezoianu, Gontineac, Solomie; Vusec, Mitu; Draguceaunu, Septar, Petrache, Brinza, Constantin (capt), Mavrodin, Balan, Stan.
ROMANIA: Vioreanu; Sauan, Brezoianu, Gontineac (captain), Solomie; Vusec, Mitu; Draguceanu (Corodeanu 66), Septar, Petrache, Slusariuc (Chiriac 57), Brinza, Rotaru (Dima 25), Rotaru, Stan (Mavrodin 66).
ROMANIA: M Vioreanu; R Fugigi, G Brezoianu, R Gontineac, C Sauan; R Vusec, P Mitu; D Niculae, P Balan C Stan, C Draguceanu, D Chiriac, F Corodeanu, A Petrache (capt), E Septar .
ROMANIA: M Vioreanu, R Fugigi, G Brezoianu, R Gontineac, G Solomie, R Vusec, P Mitu, D Niculae, R Mavrodin, F Marioara, M Dragomir (rep: E Septar, 40), V Doja, A Manta, A Draguceanu, C Girbu.