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SEPUSchool Equipment Production Unit (est. 1976; Kenya)
SEPUSustainable Energy Policy Unit (UK)
SEPUSociedad Española de Precios Únicos
SEPUSouth East Policy Unit (Federation of Small Businesses; UK)
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class="MsoNormalMr Sepu explained that he sent nomination forms to all of the association's members by email on January 23.
Borneo's Minister of Special Tasks Datuk Teo Chee Kang was quoted as saying that the SEPU "is pushing to expedite federal allocation to build a ramp for use by a RoRo ferry service that will link the Borneo Island and Philippines."
It is my contention that shefi derives from the Akkadian word sepu ("foot").
The resulting Climb Sepu documentary premiered at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival in May, after attracting more than 100,000 visitors as a streaming online serial at
The peak in question is Sepu Kangri, 22,800 ft of unclimbed mountain and if you have never heard of it, there's a good reason.
And when he tried to scale the secret mountain of Sepu Kangri in Tibet his Apple PowerBook 340 allowed him and his seven-man team to keep in touch with the outside world via the Internet every step of the way up the 6,950-metre mountain.
Graham Little will be part of an expedition which is set to walk where no one has been before on an epic journey to the top of 22,607ft Sepu Kangri.
Sir Chris Bonington and his six-man team will travel through eastern Tibet on a mission to be the first to scale the 22,802-foot Sepu Kangri mountain, the most sacred mountain inTibet.
The other is called 'the Puang's betel-bag' (sepu Puangna), and stands open to receive offerings of betel and of rice cooked in bamboo (piong).
One fantastic idea leads to another: sepu "foot" could be a euphemism for penis, even though she offers no parallels, so, if I understand correctly, in Ackerman's reading, Enkidu blocks Gilgamesh's way to the wedding with the impressive erection aforesaid (and she goes on from there).