SEPWASouth East Premium Wheat Growers Association (Australia)
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Improving light soil types with tactics such as delving and claying (David Hall, DAFWA), Implementing and integrating machinery for controlled traffic farming (CTF) (James Hagan, DAFWA, Andrew Newall, NewAg Consulting, Nigel Metz, SEPWA, and Quenten Knight, PAA), Targeted acidity management (Yvette Oliver, CSIRO), Value of chemical soil tests and nutrient budgeting (Bill Bowden, consultant), Soil acidity management on the south coast (Chris Gazey and Liam Ryan, DAFWA), Economics of a range of nitrogen sources (Jeremy Lemon, DAFWA), Building soil carbon and its value (Dan Murphy, UWA, and Fran Hoyle, DAFWA).