SEQCSouth East Queensland Country (tourism plan; Australia)
SEQCSelf Evaluation Quality Control (process improvement, personal and groupwork)
SEQCSunday Evening Quiz Club (India)
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Similarly, the total number of repetitions was significantly lower in SEQC (71.
1c] hemoglobin Ale; NOKLUS, Norwegian Centre for Quality Improvement of Primary Care Laboratories; P-EQAS, postanalytical external quality assessment survey; GP, general practitioner; CD, critical difference, NGSP, National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program; SEQC, Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Pathology; POC, point-of-care; and NACB, National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.
To gain a much clearer understanding of the relationship between implicit and explicit cognition and the severity of engagement in further drug abuse, multiple regression analysis was performed using the number of compulsory drug rehabilitations as a dependent variable, and the IAT1 (pleasant-unpleasant IAT), IAT2 (me-not me IAT), self assessment of desire for heroin, and SEQC as the predictor variables.