SEQRState Environmental Quality Review (New York state)
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Seamless Distribution AB (STO:SEAM), a provider of mobile payment solutions, announced on Thursday the signing of an agreement with Raiffeisen Bank, a leading bank in Central and Eastern Europe, via its SEQR subsidiary.
Seamless (STO: SEAM) has said that it has signed an agreement with Raiffeisen Bank via its SEQR subsidiary.
We can see that channel utilization ratio is inversely proportional to the number of channels in SYNCETCH, ASYNC-TECH, and SeqR. This figure also indicates that S-CHS provides similar performance in terms of the channel load and channel utilization ratio.
According to the firms, the move will enable consumers to connect their bank account to SEQR's generic mobile payment solution.
(141) Under Title 6, section 617.14(b), "[i]ndividual agency procedures to implement SEQR must be no less protective of environmental values, public participation and agency and judicial review than the procedures contained in this Part." N.Y.
Software company Seamless announced on Tuesday SEQR, a new payment solution for retail and online trade.
The ApolloMatrix SeQR Pay application allows the user to shop and complete purchases by scanning QR Codes with a smart phone.
Unlike Pennsylvania and Ohio, New York has a state environmental quality review act (SEQR) which "requires the sponsoring or approving governmental body to identify and mitigate the significant environmental impacts of the activity it is proposing or permitting." If the SEQR were enforced, Kate Sinding, a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council says, "New York residents have the opportunity to set the gold standard for this sort of drilling, and make sure that these companies are being held to the sorts of standards not being used in Pennsylvania and Ohio." Regarding the EIS, she says, "There was a complete failure to do an analysis of cumulative impacts ...
At present, the Town of Ulster is the lead agency for TechCity's State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process, a key initial step in the redevelopment process.
Following the previously described nPCR amplification of the UPRT-1 intron, a third set of internal primers was used for sequencing: UPRT-1 seqF 5'-CTCGTCCTCGTTTTCCTT-3' and UPRT-1 seqR 5'-TGAAAGGAAGCACGTAAAGT-3'.
There were a series of meetings with the host community: Community Board 9 Land Use Committee and Full Board; tenant meetings with contiguous buildings; an area-wide meeting; elected official sponsored meetings; and finally a formal hearing held by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York ("DASNY") in compliance with the State Environmental Quality Review ("SEQR") regarding potential DASNY bond financing.
The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) requires examination of how proposals will affect resources.