SEQRState Environmental Quality Review (New York state)
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All customer delivery information such as name, address, e-mail and mobile phone number are automatically transferred from SEQR to the merchant when the purchase is approved.
Virtually everyone who has tested SEQR has been struck by its simplicity and user-friendliness.
They argue that a properly carried out EIS, an enforced SEQR, and a well staffed Division of Mineral Resources would greatly aid efforts to protect New York's greatest resource--its water.
ST), a Sweden-based electronic solution provider, and The PCMS Group plc, a supplier of software and services to the retail trade, announced today the signing of a global agreement to bring the mobile payment solutions SEQR to UK and US, two new strategic markets.
The pilot project was successful and, under the new agreement, mobile payment will be introduced at McDonald's restaurants in Sweden choosing to connect to the SEQR mobile payment solution.
Banking relationships and, as a result, support the continued growth of SEQR.
35) A few years later, The SEQR Handbook, published in November 1992 by the DEC, stated that agencies do have the authority to deny applications under SEQRA.
8 SEQR builds a new payment network and rolls out a mobile wallet service 115 5.
STOCKHOLM -- Seamless (STO:SEAM) - listed on OMX Nasdaq - has received yet another order for its mobile payments solution, SEQR.
This enables Max customers to pay with SEQR - the mobile payment solution developed by Seamless.
SEQR compliance and coordination with the city and involved agencies.
In just 13 working days, Axfood and Seamless have rolled out the SEQR mobile payment system to 380 stores throughout Sweden.