SEQRAState Environmental Quality Review Act (New York)
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2007) (holding that BID had standing to assert claim relating to SEQRA claim, but not for nuisance action or Equal Protection claim).
housing nonprofits, argued that environmental review under SEQRA and
The selected consultant will also prepare additional documents if the projects size and scope determine that it is a Type I Action under the SEQRA.
His experience includes EIS counseling and litigation under NEPA and SEQRA, wetlands and water quality permitting under the Clean Water Act, major transportation projects, air quality and climate change issues under the Clean Air Act, hazardous substances remediation and litigation under CERCLA (Superfund), remediation under the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program, oil spill remediation under the New York State Navigation Law, compliance review of Phase I and II environmental assessments, enforcement, land use and zoning, coastal zone management and historic preservation.
The Town of Batavia supports the project, as evidenced by the approval of a Special Use Permit, approval of the preliminary site plans, and the issuance of a negative SEQRA declaration.
4) Currently, no timetable is set for the completion of the SEQRA review.
59) SEQRA encompasses not only actions undertaken by government agencies or involving government funding, but also those private projects that require agency approvals.
AKRF provides municipalities, state and local agencies, as well as private developers the full range of services needed to satisfy environmental regulations (including those services needed to satisfy CEQR, SEQRA, NEPA, and other permitting requirements), and related consulting services.
With our SEQRA, permitting and final site plan in place, Adelaar is well prepared to come to market quickly.
34) This can be especially true in the administrative review process for land use and zoning matters generally, including the SEQRA process related to those matters.
This permit, which is customarily issued following a SEQRA negative declaration, was also recommended for approval by the town's engineer.
All deals resulting from the RFP are subject to the normal SEQRA, Attorney General and Comptroller approval.