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SEQUALSeasonal Equatorial Atlantic Experiment
SEQUALSeasonal Response of the Equatorial Atlantic (experiment)
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Criteria for inclusion were: facility philosophy that supports an holistic approach tocare; management team supportive of the SEQUAL proposal; facility manager in place for six monthsor more; approved by District Health Board (DHB) funding with a review cycle of three years or more and general practitioner (GP) or nurse practitioner (NP) supportive of the project.
A detailed discussion of SEQUAL exceeds the scope of this study and is probably not necessary.
Medical equipment provider CAIRE Inc, a subsidiary of Chart Industries Inc (Nasdaq: GTLS), has completed the acquisition of United States-based SeQual Technologies Inc, a supplier of air separation systems for various sectors and a developer of medical oxygen systems.
When the young protagonists head off to the Island Breeze world surfing competition at the famous and treacherous Shipwreck Beach none can predict the events that will unfold to both challenge and surprise in this well paced young teen sequal to Surf School.
Association of Lenders ('SEQUAL') found that there were over
Kwa 'ioloa proposed the present account as part of a sequal to his autobiography, Living Tradition (Kwa'ioloa & Burt 1997) but we present it here for its topical importance.
"My joke is that [statistic] sounds almost like sadistic," says Larry Feldman, director of SEQuaL, the Center for Statistics Education through Qualitative Literacy, and an Indiana University of Pennsylvania associate professor.
The latest addition to the Sequal 2300 family of products designed for automotive interior applications, Sequel 2321 is reported to have instrumented-impact values of 212 inch-lbs, or 24 joules (7.7 mph @ 0[degrees]F); thus, it is especially suited to applications that must withstand airbag deployment, Solvay says.
This feature, as Grimwood explains, is driven by a Sequal Server database.
14 In fact, a sequal titled 'Tis is scheduled for publication in September 1999 by Scribner in New York.-Editor.
Desert Hollywood is the sequal to last market's Hollywood luxury collection.
213) misidentify Piccinni's La buona moglie, performed during spring 1765, confusing this sequal to La buona figliuola with its more famous predecessor.