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SERSerial Number
SERSerbian (language)
SERSerine (amino acid)
SERSociaal Economische Raad (Dutch: Socio-Economic Council)
SERSociety for Ecological Restoration
SERSoutheast Region (NPS)
SERSoutheast Region
SERSIP Express Router
SERSyndicat des Energies Renouvelables (French: Renewable Energy Union; est. 1993)
SERSmooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
SERSymbol Error Rate (similar to BER)
SERSouth Eastern Railway
SERSafety Evaluation Report (US Department of Energy)
SERServicios Educativos Rurales (Spanish: Rural Education Service; Peru)
SERStatistical Error
SERSoft Error Rate (data storage/retrieval)
SERState Secretariat for Education and Research (Switzerland)
SERSociedad Española de Radiodifusión (Spanish Radio Society)
SERSociety for Epidemiologic Research
SERStructural Engineer of Record
SERSequence of Events Recorder
SERAsociacion Servicios Educativos Rurales (Spanish: Rural Educational Services Association; Peru)
SERSupination External Rotation (type of fracture)
SERSociedad de Educación y Rehabilitación (Spanish: Society for Education and Rehabilitation; Puerto Rico)
SERSurface Equivalente Radar (French: Radar Cross Section; stealth)
SERSentence Error Rate (machine translation evaluation)
SERSyndicat des Equipements de la Route (French: Union of Road Equipment)
SERService d'Economie Rurale (French: Department of Rural Economy; Luxembourg)
SERSocio-Economic Rehabilitation
SERSystem Evaluation Report
SERSpherical Equivalent Refraction
SERSequence of Events Recording
SERStudent Economic Review (journal; Trinity College Dublin)
SERStaples Easy Rebate
SERSatellite Equipment Room
SERFoundation for Subjective Experience and Research
SERSingle Electron Response (photomultiplier parameter)
SERSystems Engineering Report
SERSearch Engine Recognition
SERSouthern European Region
SERShemale Erotic Review
SERSociété d'Emulation de Roubaix (French: Society of Emulation of Roubaix; Nord, France)
SERSystem Evaluation Record
SERShore Establishment Realignment
SERSATCOM Equipment Report
SERSubscriber Edge Router (Shasta Networks)
SERSingle Event Upset Ratio
SERSoftware-Engineering Rodinger GmbH (Seligenstadt, Germany)
SERSystem Element Review
SERSystem Evolution Record
SERSimultaneous Electrolytic Recovery (gold processing)
SERSelected Early Release
SERSkin-Effect Range (microstrip lines)
SERSupport Equipment Requirements Sheet
SERSupportability Evaluation Report
SERSupport Equipment Requirement
SERSociété d'Evaluation Rwandaise
SERSociété d'Edition de Revue (French: Company Publishing Journal; various organizations)
SERSearch Engine Ranking (websites)
SERSu Eminencia Reverendísima (Spanish: His Eminence)
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According to Vice President and General Manager for ed2go, Jerry Weissberg, "With the launch of SER Career Prep Academy--powered by our Career Online High School--we are able to better reach exactly the people who are most in need of this kind of training and accreditation.
Todas as maquinas de extrusao de borracha de Davis-Standard sao disponiveis preaparelhadas com canos, com fioseletricos instalados e testados antes de ser enviados para o cliente para facilitar a instalacao e o uso eficiente do espaco de piso.
25) Lastly, the bridegroom, ser Ferigo Foscari, came as the Hungarian ambassador with a letter from King Ladislaus.
80 million Broward County Housing Finance Authority (FL) (Stirling Apartments Phase II) multi-family hsg rev bonds ser 1999A&B
Established in 1965 by the League of United Latin American Citizens and the American GI Forum, the SER Network of Partners currently comprises 30 affiliates operating in more than 200 locations in 17 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, providing direct services to more than a one million people annually.
New York City (NY) GO bonds ser fiscal 1997 E & F (refunded with new CUSIPs assigned);
The Home Depot, which has signed a formal partnership agreement with SER to increase the number of bilingual or Spanish-speaking employees in the stores nationwide and to provide job opportunities for older workers trained by SER in customer service.
NY) puttable floating option tax-exempts receipts ser MT-322 (gtd: Freddie Mac) (liquidity facility: Freddie Mac)
SER DE is the largest independent German supplier of integrated ECM solutions, with 320 employees in 17 branch office locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Eastern Europe.
Newport-Mesa Unified School District (CA) GO election of 2000 bonds ser 2001 (all maturities);
We think SER is a terrific company and are pleased to add it to the Gores portfolio of companies.