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SERASierra Railroad Company
SERASyracuse Environmental Research Associates
SERASouthern Extension/Research Activities
SERASouthern Enduro Riders Association (Madison, MS)
SERAScreening-level Ecological Risk Assessment
SERAState Employees Retirement Association
SERASuperfund Emergency Response Actions
SERASequential Electro-chemical Reduction Analysis
SERASoftware Engineering Research, Management & Application
SERAStarEdit Ruby Aspect (Starcraft editor)
SERASpecial Emphasis Reliability Area
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Cell culture media has been identified as the largest segment of the cell culture media, sera, and reagents market in 2014.
In commercial bovine sera, DTB values were suppressed for all clinical analyzers and for the reference method.
Writing to Rumball-Petre last fall, Sera wasn't sure he'd be remembered by the teacher who ``gave me my first big inspiration'' regarding astronomy.
Life Sera collects specialty plasma, including Anti-D and Hepatitis B from a donor base of more than 5,000 in fourteen U.
This study provided a model to amplify SFG rickettsial DNA from sera of patients, and it will be helpful in surveillance of these diseases.
Third, the authors state that BDE-47 concentrations collected in similar time frames and reported by other studies in milk (83 or 130 ng/g lipid) and sera (0.
We obtained sera from 2 patients taking diclofenac and 2 patients 1 reported case (2) and 1 new case] with antibody against [T.
To confirm the presence or absence of anaphylactic antibodies, rat sera were also tested by PCA essentially as described previously by Ovary (1964).
Although the limited molecular scope of this study and the quality of the old serum specimens may not be adequate for molecular confirmation of such viruses, our findings of complex HIV WB-indeterminate patterns with reactivity to multiple viral proteins in serum specimens from persons living in the Democratic Republic of Congo provide comprehensive insights into HIV WB-indeterminate sera in the mid-1980s.
We observed highly significant increases in corticosterone and glucose in the sera of offspring of chromium(III)-treated fathers.
7 Billion Cell Culture Market in Media, Sera and Reagents, Potentially Providing Pluristem Significant Revenue
All 11 patients had signs and symptoms characteristic of spotted fever rickettsiosis, and their sera were reactive to spotted fever group (SFG) rickettsial antigens, including those derived from TT-118 (3,4).