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SERASierra Railroad Company
SERASyracuse Environmental Research Associates
SERASouthern Extension/Research Activities
SERASouthern Enduro Riders Association (Madison, MS)
SERAScreening-level Ecological Risk Assessment
SERAState Employees Retirement Association
SERASuperfund Emergency Response Actions
SERASequential Electro-chemical Reduction Analysis
SERASoftware Engineering Research, Management & Application
SERAStarEdit Ruby Aspect (Starcraft editor)
SERASpecial Emphasis Reliability Area
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18) reported a specificity of 100%, this was on a sample size of 18 controls, compared with the sample size reported here of 515 control sera (277 non-anthrax-related sera plus 238 NHANES controls).
In the early 20th century, administration of convalescent-phase sera to patients with smallpox was claimed to shorten the course of the disease and abort the pustular stage (42).
Corriere della Sera is Italy's top circulating daily, while La Gazzetta dello Sport is the number one sports newspaper in the country.
In our case, we tested sera 4, 8, 10, and 45 days after onset of illness.
Padula for providing cellular lysates from infected and uninfected cells and Andes virus antibody-positive rabbit sera used in tests.
Antibody titers to HGE were low (of 22 positive sera, 12 had titers [is greater than or equal to] 64 and 10 had titers [is greater than or equal to] 128).
Les temperatures, seront mardi 1er aout stationnaires avec coups de Sirocco et le temps sera peu nuageux sur l'ensemble du pays.
Likewise, in the 30 DEQAS sera used in the present work, there was an [R.
Le vent de secteur Nord atteindra les 40 a 60 km/h pres des cotes nord et sera modere a assez fort de 25 a 35 km/h ailleurs.
We compared HI titers between mothers and cord sera; 58% had the same titers, 31% of cord sera had higher titers, and 11% of cord sera had lower titers.
This tale of two star-gazers begins during 1975 at Humboldt Junior High School in Van Nuys, where Bob Sera was studying astronomy under science teacher Hugh Rumball-Petre.