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SERACSocial and Economic Rights Action Center (Nigeria)
SERACServiço Regional de Aviação Civil (Brazil)
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Due to the improper cleaning of the existing nozzle the comparison made between the existing nozzle and suggested nozzle .the suggested nozzle covers total area of the tank and provide a more efficient cleaning then the existing nozzle this will reduce the shade variation .By installing the suggested nozzle, a weekly cleaning of SERAC bulk gives approximately 60Kg of hazardous waste this can be reduced and manpower cost is also reduced.
As the fastest climbers descended in darkness across The Bottleneck, about 1,148ft below the summit, a huge serac, or column of ice, fell.
A chunk of ice broke off from a serac - a pillar of ice - and tore away fixed lines from a steep gully known as the Bottleneck.
On a broader scale, the selection of this corpus was intended to determine whether these disciplines were suitable for the compilation of the humanities component of SERAC (the Spanish-English Research Article Corpus), a corpus specifically designed for contrastive analyses of stance markers in academic prose.
NONAGRAM: acer; acre; afire; arise; cafe; care; caries; case; erica; face; facer; facies; farce; fare; fear; fire; icier; race; raise; rase; rice; rife; rise; SACRIFICE; safe; safer; scarce; scare; sear; serac; serai; serf; serif; sire.
An Alnwick District Council meeting was interrupted by a member of the public who told Coun John Taylor objectors had not been given the chance to air their views to Serac Solutions Ltd's proposal to transform land at Snipe House Farm, Alnwick, into a site for caravans, motor homes and tents.
Serac: from the Swiss French word serac, a crumbly pale cheese; it is a large chunk of ice (sometimes as large as a small office building) that forms when glacial crevasses intersect, or at the edge of very steep or hanging glaciers.
The Newcastle-born father of three is an outdoors enthusiast who now runs Serac Outdoor Sports holidays from the family home in East Boldon, South Tyneside.
Similar systems are available from Serac, Sidel, Tetra Pak and Krones.
Serac Inc., 300 Westgate Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188.