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SERAMSociedad Española de Radiología Médica
SERAMSoutheast Regional Atheist Meet (convention)
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KUFPEC has a topping plant on Seram island which can turn 18,000 b/d of crude oil into naphtha and HSFO.
Seram [2[degrees]52'S, 128[degrees]10'E], 6 [male],11 [female],4 juveniles, Kanikeh, in house, 30 November 1994, R.
In Indonesia, we will evaluate the remaining potential of the Offshore Seram Block, following the unsuccessful Kayu Manis-1 exploration well in November 2001.
The Moluccan Cockatoo pair, named Seram and Ambon, were taken last Tuesday night after thieves cut through a padlock on the cages.
A local government spokesman in the Indonesian-controlled island chain said that nine Muslims were killed in Masohi, a town on the island of Seram.
Police said more than 20,000 villagers had fled their homes on Ambon, Sanana and Seram, islands that are about 1,400 miles northeast of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.
Et si secutum est oculos meos cor meum, et si manibus meis adhaesit macula, seram, et alius comedat, at progenies mea eradicetur' (Job xxxi.
GATINEAU, Quebec -- Cassidian Communications, an EADS company, announced today that it has been awarded the SERAM (systeme evolue de radiocommunication de l'agglomeration de Montreal) contract by the City of Montreal Agglomeration Council to supply a digital, trunked P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solution in Montreal, Canada.
Even though food taboos in Funar are not as elaborate as those described by Valeri amongst the Huaulu of Seram, Valeri's analysis of Huaulu taboo (maquwoli) provides some important insights into the social dynamics of lulik.
Indonesia: In the early 1980s, KUFPEC got 40% in the onshore Seram block, on the islands of Moluccas (west of Papua), where in 1994 it found the Seram oilfield in a Pre-Tertiary Fm.
After the arrest of Seram Sanatomba, the police apprehended four more cadres identified as Paonam Santa, Maibam Michael, Chongtham Bobicha and Koijam Jiten.
nehrkorni) and the extralimital Seram White-eye (Z.