SERATSecure Role Mapping Technique
SERATStructurally Embedded Reconfigurable Antenna Technology
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Nonetheless, there was sufficient awareness across aliran that when Suluk Gatholoco and Serat Dermagandhul were reprinted in part or whole in 1918, 1923 and 1925, there were massive protests from putihan.
Moving to discussion of the Serat Gatholoco, Anderson observes that, by the 1860s, the likely time of its composition, earlier syncretism had clearly broken apart.
I suspect that something similar may have been the case with the Serat Babad Pakunegaran; "This story was begun/initiated by Pangeran Dipati [Mangkunagara] when he was back ...
Pengaruh penambahan serat kaca pada bahan basis gigitiruan resin akrilik polimerisasi panas terhadap kekuatan impak dan transversal.
The Babad Giyantis account of the succession in Surakarta in 1749 has some similarities with that in the Serat babad Pakunegaran.
Diharjo, "Kajian pengaruh teknik pembuatan lubang terhadap kekuatan tarik komposit hibrid serat gelas dan serat karung plastik," Teknoin, vol.
All the authors confirm that the grant from Innovation and Technology Fund of Hong Kong Government (SERAT Project no.
In the Education Mela competitions of Quiz, Serat Nabwi, Speeches, National songs, Science and Arts projects, painting and drawings.
SERAT a mountainous region in Yemen [Times Index-Gazetteer, 1965] The ordeal bridge across the gulf of hell over which all Muslims have to pass at the resurrection [Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E.
A point L.'s study raises but does not fully pursue is the role that Hindu-Buddhist religion/culture plays in the practices of Javano-Muslim and Javano-Catholic pilgrims (e.g., Mary as Prajnaparamita at a Catholic shrine of the Sacred Heart, appropriation by the 18th-century Javano-Muslim mystical treatise Serat Cabolek of the Mahabharata, Muslim-Catholic competitive claims to fulfill Hindu-Buddhist mythology and culture).
The nineteenth-century Serat Babad Nitik tells the mythic story of Sultan Agung by explaining that after her long sojourn in the southern ocean, the gods declared that it was time for her to marry.