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SERBSelective Early Retirement Board
SERBShuttle Engineering Review Board (US NASA)
SERBSpace Experiments Review Board
SERBSimplified and Efficient Rice Breeding (agriculture)
SERBSocially/Economically Restricted Business
SERBSoftware Engineering Review Board
SERBSolvent Extraction Residual Bioremediation
SERBSpouse Employment Resources Program
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The Serbs celebrate the holiday by hanging out Serb flags and holding Orthodox Christian ceremonies in public institutions, which non-Serbs say is aimed at excluding them.
70-year-old Karadzic had insisted he was innocent and says his wartime actions were intended to protect Serbs.
That would in all likelihood not have raised a lot of attention had it not been for the fact that this was the first time ballot boxes were open all over the country, including the disputed north where Serbs constitute the majority of the population.
Earlier this month, the Serbs of northern Kosovo proclaimed their own legislature, instead of agreeing to take part in local elections the Kosovo authorities have called for in November.
Izetbegovic was accompanied on Tuesday by the Serb member of the Bosnian presidency, Nebojsa Radmanovic.
The sheer brutality of the Ustase appalled even the Germans, The representatives of the Wehrmacht blamed the Ustasa murders for sparking a broad Serb revolt.
An official with Serbia's ministry for Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic, warned the region's Serbs not to break away from Belgrade because that could weaken their position.
Serbian President Boris Tadic has apologised for atrocities committed by Serbs in Croatia in the 1990s in a fresh effort to foster ethnic reconciliation in the turbulent Balkans.
Mladic and Goran Hadzic, leader of the Serbs during the civil war in Croatia, remain at large.
If Karadzic is extradited, he will be the 44th Serb suspect sent to face the tribunal.
The Srebrenica massacre weighs heavily on Bosnia, a country divided politically into Serb and Muslim-Croat regions, each with its own version of theAa conflict.
The assembly consists of 43 Serb representatives elected in Serb local elections in Kosovo, held in May.