SERCULSouth East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (Australia)
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"I congratulate the City of Canning for working with the Water Corporation, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and SERCUL on this collaboration to create an asset that will be enjoyed by locals for many years to come."
AAEE-WA received National Science Week funding for the 2009-2012 expos and in 2013 SERCUL was awarded a National Science Week seed grant to promote an early childhood sustainability initiative called Little Green Steps, at the expo.
Special thanks to the Scent of Science team: Hayley Bullimore, Noeleen Edwards and Tracy Lyon (CREEC), Amy Krupa (SERCUL), Jennifer Pearson and Elaine Lewis (AAEE-WA), Katherine Gaschk and Vicky Hartill (Waste Consultants) and to our many volunteers, presenters, sponsors and expo patrons.