SERDELSupervisor for Executing Remote Distributed Experiments on Lan
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Por una parte, los hermeneutas estamos de acuerdo en recuperar la cuestion del Ser a partir de Heidegger, que es recuperar la cuestion del sentido, del sentido del Ser o del Serdel sentido, con lo que otra vez volvemos al sentido de la existencia.
A Gazeta 89 101 Samarco 4 102 Santa Fe Trading 134 103 Selita 72 104 Serdel 174 105 Sharpener 39 106 Shopping Vitoria 197 107 Sid.
The serious delinquency index (SERDEL) contained the following items: (1) burglarized a house; (2) used force to get money or things from someone; (3) hurt someone badly enough for him or her to need bandages; (4) physically assaulted someone; (5) had or tried to have sex with someone against that person's will; (6) taken something not belonging to you worth over $50; (7) set fire to someone's property; (8) used a weapon to get something from a person; (9) taken a motor vehicle, such as a car or motorcycle, without the owner's permission; (10) bought stolen goods; and (11) broke into a place to steal.