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In February 1998, Serec engineers provided Mr Konans with the specifications and statistics for one of the company's Airless degreasing systems.
Serec's engineers had several goals to meet in designing Eyelet's degreaser.
"Since Serec's degreaser is a closed-loop system," says Peter Gebhard III, president of Serec, "very little vapor escapes into the workplace." He adds that Serec's controlled atmosphere vacuum technology removes virtually all solvent vapor from the chamber after each cleaning cycle.
Another goal that Serec met was to create a cleaning system that worked for Eyelet's metal products.
The final goal Serec met was designing a system that could handle the capacity Eyelet required.
To prevent this oil and other contaminants from breaking down during distillation, Serec engineered a deep vacuum, low temperature distillation.