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SERENATEStudy into European Research and Education Networking as Targeted by Europe
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Jaba (A Lotot): Serenate. Desahogate cuanto quieras [...] Y ahora ...
Seifert, `Die Auffuhrungen der Opern und Serenate mit Musik yon J.
In watching the dances unfold on the stage, especially from the Denishawn solo Serenate Morisca (1918) through Heretic (1929) and Lamentation (1930), viewers could see how Graham generated her movement vocabulary out of her own womanly body, fusing physicality with emotion and evolving structural form out of breath, the stuff of life.
AMOR: Serenate y todo empezara a ir mejor, esa actitud que tienes no ayudara a mejorar.