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SERENDIPSearch for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
SERENDIPSearch for Extraterrestrial Radio Emission from Nearby, Developed, Intelligent Populations (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Project; University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA)
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The FEM involving the application of curved isoparametric second order finite elements with Serendip type shape functions was adapted to this research.
Sons of Serendip took over the stage alongside Train and sang their hit song "Drops of Jupiter." This was followed by Train's solo performance of their track "Angel in Blue Jeans."
The Sons of Serendip, which also features Ramseur's fellow Boston University alums vocalist Micah Christian, pianist and guitarist Cordaro Rodriguez and harpist Mason Morton, is clearly equally adept at blending styles and genres to come up with a beautiful, fresh sound, even on a song as familiar as "Somewhere.'' (A cover of the song also appears on Lily Allen's recent album, "Sheezus.'')
"Sarah Palin: The Antithesis of Hillary Clinton." (2 October 2008): <>.
Sim, certamente, nenhum dos tres principes de Serendip nem Zadig haviam visto anteriormente e por isso conheciam ou aquele camelo ou aquela cadela que tao maravilhosamente descreveram em abundantes detalhes.
Anderson, "A new major SETI project based on Project SERENDIP data and 100000 personal computers," in Proc.
The paradoxical current can be further clarified through the lens of "serendipity." Drawn from Horace Walpole's adaptation of the ancient Persian tale The Three Princes of Serendip, serendipity can be described as "the wisdom of recognizing and then moving with the energetic flow of the unexpected." (19) Serendipity presumes a "divine naivete," (20) a faith-like openness to mystery, trusting that life's unmapped twists and turns, including misfortunes and experiences of suffering, will ultimately serve the good and authentic.
Sri Lanka has, from the days of Serendip and Ceylon, been known for the abundance and quality of its wondrous gemstones.
Yn ol Geiriadur Bruce a Dafydd, 'serendipedd' ydi'r gair Cymraeg am 'serendipity' ac mae hwnnw'n deimlad pwysig - dod ar draws rhywbeth gret heb ddisgwyl hynny, fel y gwnaeth y dynion mewn nofel gan Horace Walpole am Serendip, yr hen enw am Sri Lanka.
El termino serendipity (serendipia, en castellano) fue acunado por Lord Horace Walpole, conde de Oxford (1717-1797), arquitecto innovador, politico y escritor britanico, para describir algo asi como el "hallazgo afortunado", termino derivado del cuento de hadas "los tres principes de Serendip".