SEREXSerological Analysis of Recombinant cDNA (Complementary Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Expression Libraries
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In fact, MTA1 was identified by a SEREX approach, and researchers detected a natural MTA1-specific humoral immune response in prostate cancer patients but not healthy donors, indicating that MTA1 is immunogenic in patients.
These cDNAs which were identified during SEREX screening are not full-length but they covered the most of coding sequences (CDS) of cDNAs (Table 2).
Surveying both male and female students in sex-atypical majors, Serex and Townsend found these students did not perceive their major field as having a "chilly climate," but did find that both "female and male nursing and education students perceived fewer chilling practices in their major than did female and male accounting and engineering students" (1999, p.
The yeast surface display is a useful platform in directed evolution of protein expression (30) for the biochemical characterization of antibodybinding sites (35, 36) and for serologic analysis of antigens by recombinant expression cloning (SEREX) (34, 37).
"Our next-generation, peer-based system enables digital images to be shared around the globe," says Patrick Serex, president and CEO of eXaNetworks.
Paul Serex, former president and CEO, became a consultant for the company.
"All AGFAnet members are by default members of the global FotoWire e-photofinishing lab network," said Patrick Serex, CEO of FotoWire Inc.
Patricia Serex called Dictionary of the Khazars, "A kind of the Iliad, something like a computerized Odyssey, an open, integral book."(4) Robert Coover, while reviewing Dictionary of the Khazars for the New York Times, foretold a series of literary events that would happen only years later and the place of Pavic's books in those events: "Since the computer radical and prophet Ted Nelson first invented the word `hypertext' to describe such computer-driven nonsequential writing nearly a quarter of a century ago, there has been a steady, now rapid, growth of disciples to this newest sect of dream hunters.
KEY PERSONNEL: Norman Wolcott, chairman; Paul Serex, CEO; Chuck McHargue, CFO; Dave Cordell, director of sales and marketing; Karl Paulius, director of technical services.