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SERFService Entry Resource Format
SERFSystem Enhancement Request Form
SERFSchema Evolution Using An Extensible Reusable Framework
SERFState Employees' Retirement Fund (various locations)
SERFSolar Energy Research Facility (Solar Energy Research Institute; Golden, CO)
SERFStandard Exercise Report Form/Format (US FEMA)
SERFSynthetic Environment Research Facility (Salisbury, South Australia)
SERFSupport Equipment Rework Facility (Atsugi, Japan)
SERFSinoeuropean Engineering Research Forum
SERFSpatial Ecology Research Facility
SERFSandia Engineering Reactor Facility
SERFStudy of Energy Release in Flares
SERFSolar Energy & Renewable Fuels (University of California, Santa Cruz)
SERFSemi Enclosed Rewirable Fuse (ceramic fuse holder)
SERFSystem Engineering Research Facility
SERFSafeserf Educational Resource Files
SERFService Emotion Rule Fairness
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Conditions of serfs and slaves in Tibet have been documented in many historical records and traveler's tales.
Caption: An aviation support equipment maintenance chief removes screws from a tow bar in the SERF.
THE FarmersUnion (Eka) on Thursday urged President Nicos Anastasiades to make May 12 an annual commemoration of the struggles of Cypriot serfs and of their leader Re Alexis against the Frankish rulers of the island in the medieval period.
In the entire Kashmir, the business community has suffered a massive loss of over ` 1,00,000 crore, said a member of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a part of the SERF. " The state and the central
Serfs vote to at least maintain if not increase the rate of government largesse, which in turn leads to greater indebtedness on the part of the state, since it is unable to raise sufficient taxes from the remaining segments of the population: a diminishing middle class made up of the scientific and technological elite and those who service them, and at the apex, the owners (employers) of that human elite group and of the physical capital involved in the application of the innovative process.
Under such a regime, people were divided into three major strata, with about 90 percent of the population slaves or serfs.
"I don't guess I would drive clear across town for a SERF tree," she said.
They also were not about to get rid of their serfs, who farmed the land and were the backbone of Russian agriculture.
Tolstoy wrote on the buxom serf wench Akinsya Basykina's wall: Thanks for coming to the opening day of my serf school!
The noncircular faces of categories c and d will be searched for the presence of features through the concept of SERF as described below.
July 19, 2008 (LONDON) — Sudan air force yesterday bombed the village of Serf close to Jabal Moon area killing one civilian and injured a child, the Justice and Equality Movement said today.