SERFFSystem for Electronic Rate and Form Filing
SERFFStudy of Education Resources and Federal Funding (US Department of Education)
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The NAIC and SERFF also get administrative fees and a license fee from the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission for services.
SERFF has been successful in replacing mailed paper documents sent between departments and insurers.
A full-day discussion on SERFF on Thursday established that there is little consensus on what direction most states are going in, and that there is a lot of anxiety as regulators and insurance providers move forward.
In practice, Lehrer said, SERFF is an unfair tax on insurance companies, enforced by states.
During the opening session both Praeget and host commissioner, Kevin McCatty, emphasized successes of state-based regulation including producer licensing streamlining, SERFF, suitability of product sales for seniors and the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission.
The CMS rate review database redacts, or blacks out, many tables and financial numbers that state SERFF public viewing systems leave in plain sight.
Successful offeror must be familiar with SERFF and have performed this regulatory function for other states in a similar capacity.
New NAIC President Walter Bell said in a statement that he would advance efforts to enhance regulatory modernization and provide national uniformity through programs such as SERFF, the NAIC's electronic rate and form filing system, and the Interstate Compact Commission.
Professional services is lower than the previous year due to resolution of legal matters and completion of enhancements to SERFF required for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Plan Management System.
The interfaces will be built to the CMS data hub, insurance carriers, SERFF, and State of Oregon systems.
She adds that SERFF will probably be the IT platform for the compact, and it is one that will serve the compact well because about 1, 200 to 1, 300 companies currently use SERFF as well as 50 state insurance departments.
The Nebraska department would like to see HHS let insurers stick with submitting filings through the SERFF system, Ramge said.