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SERIOUSSoftware Evolution, Refactoring, Improvement of Operational & Usable Systems (software engineering)
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But to avoid too serious an air; can it be doubted, but that the finest woman in the world would lose all benefit of her charms in the eye of a man who had never seen one of another cast?
She would not have him be serious, and yet what could excuse the use of such words and offers, if they meant but to trifle?
I must once more remind you, Sir Patrick, that I have serious reason to doubt whether Miss Silvester is a fit companion for Blanche.
Levin's appearance at the beginning of the winter, his frequent visits, and evident love for Kitty, had led to the first serious conversations between Kitty's parents as to her future, and to disputes between them.
When you penetrate deeply into a country, it is serious ground.
Indeed, sir, that sounds serious, worse than serious
It may have been his extreme good-nature, the serious, unsmiling good-nature of a fat, swarthy man with coal-black moustache and steady eyes; but he might have been a bit of a diplomatist, too.
The manager was waiting there with a gravely pre-occupied manner, as if he had something serious to say.
And of that time, too short for the birth of any serious sentiment, the first week had to be deducted.
At Grimsby the first serious symptoms of illness had shown themselves in Anne.
After, feeling the carpet in the most serious manner possible, and discovering nothing more here or anywhere else, they went down to the corresponding box on the pit tier below.
Of course it doesn't much matter to you, but to me it's so serious, so intensely serious.