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In a related conflict that has at times also involved the Burmese military, Yawd Serk said representatives of the RCSS/SSA-S have been meeting for talks with leaders from the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) to end tensions that he claimed started over a misunderstanding more than two years ago.
Molecular Characterization of a Cyrtochilum loxense Somatic Embryogenesis Receptor-Like Kinase (SERK) Gene Expressed during Somatic Embryogenesis, Plant Cell Reports, 31: 1129-1139, 2012.
Although some reports show that some genes related with the process of apomixis such as SERK (Albertini et al., 2005; Podio et al., 2014), LEC (Fambrini et al., 2006), MSI1 (Guitton and Berger, 2005; Julio et al., 2010) and FIS (Dandan et al., 2012) were isolated, cloned and identified, there is no report about a gene related with the apomixis in Taraxacum.
When Khun Sa surrendered in 1996, Yawd Serk formed a new group and adopted the name 'Shan State Army-South'.
"Please tell the world about our struggle," said Colonel Yawd Serk, supreme commander of the Shan State Army forces.
Colonel Yawd Serk describes himself as 'a simple man' who wants his people to come back to Burma to help him fight for independence.
I remember when it had Wilders' Fireworks, Serk Radiators, Brooke Tool, James Motor Cycles, Watsonian Sidecars and Filleries Toffee.
Yawd Serk, leader of the 4,000-strong rebel group, said the children are "mobilized for military education," not assigned to fight on the front-lines in combat zones.
Serk Heat Transfer of Birmingham has invested pounds 1 million in its EGC (exhaust gas cooling) division by installing a new brazing furnace.
I was born in Percy Road next to Cissies, the fish and chip shop, my garden was the wall of the Serk radiators, Butlers was on the corner and Bridge Road that ran down to the Black Patch was where we played cricket on.
On the other hand, there are significant fractures within the ethnic nationalities, largely because the fraudulently elected KNU leadership, warlord Yawd Serk, the womaniser and also the WA, who are very much corrupt.