SERLSoftware Engineering Research Laboratory
SERLSuper Eutectic Recording Layer
SERLSystem Engineering Research Laboratory (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry; Japan)
SERLSuper Eutectic Recording Layer (Verbatim)
SERLSmart Energy Research Lab (UK consortium)
SERLSociété d'Equipement du Rhône et de Lyon (France: Equipment Corporation of Rhone and Lyon)
SERLSurvey and Evaluation Research Laboratory (Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA)
SERLSpecial Events Readiness Level (US FBI)
SERLServices Electronics Research Laboratory
SERLSoutheast Regional Lab (US FDA and US DEA)
SERLSolar Energy Research Lab
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Repsol have agreed to take an 80 per cent stake for pounds 30.7million, as well as repaying the pounds 8.1million debt SERL owed to parent company SeaEnergy.
As part of the SERL deal, SeaEnergy have signed a cooperation agreement with EDP Renov[sz]veis to supply operations and maintenance vessels, field infrastructure and equipment.
"The experience gained through our investment in SERL has served us well in developing our SeaEnergy Marine business."
Following the deal, SeaEnergy has immediately repaid GBP6.9m worth of debt to LC Capital Master Fund Ltd and EDPR UK Limited, it said.Country: , UKSector: Wind PowerTarget: SeaEnergy Renewables Limited (SERL)Buyer: Repsol Nuevas Energias SAVendor: SeaEnergy PlcDeal size in USD: 62mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Dow Jones Newswires has reported, citing Joel Staadecker, chief executive officer of SERL, that between 6,000 and 9,000 turbines are likely to be built in the coming decades and around two-thirds of those will need intermediate structures between them and the seabed.
SERL II events are of lesser magnitude but still require augmentation of CT response assets.
SERL III and IV events require minimal USG agency support and, frequently, receive adequate support by state and local resources.
The FBI generally categorizes NSSEs as SERL I or II.
Serl (189?-1993) is perhaps best known as a painter who transforms his life experience into ambiguous, often bizarre fables, which are nevertheless visually stunning.
Nowhere is the paradox of Serl's self-taught sophistication more evident than in his handling of the human figure.
The deal involves also the assumption of GBP11.3m in debt owed by SERL.