SERPLANLondon and South East Regional Planning Conference (UK)
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Later, in 1999, SERPLAN drafted regional planning guidance (RPG9) to direct reviews of county structure plans.
With the setting up of regional assemblies in the (Little) South East and the East of England region in April 2001 and with the Mayoral authority for Greater London, both SERPLAN and RPG for the Greater South East have disappeared.
The East of England brigades Essex, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire from the SERPLAN region with East Anglia, creating a region extending from the Thames Estuary to Norwich and Peterborough.
Because RPG9 for the South East only runs to 2016 (another consequence of the SERPLAN shambles) the Draft Strategy for the Milton Keynes and Aylesbury third only runs to 2016.
Vague 'strategic planning guidance' that emerged from SERPLAN with little consultation has been replaced by the present system of regional planning guidance (RPG), which is fully consulted upon and 'tested' by stakeholders other than just the local authorities, at a public examination conducted by an independent panel.
The Panel recommended that the number of new houses needed in the South East be increased from a range of 662,000-696,000 (taking into account recent housing completions) in the original SERPLAN report, to nearly 1.
In issuing proposed modifications in March 2000, the Secretary of State attempted to mediate between the levels of growth recommended in the Panel's report and those in the original SERPLAN strategy.
Significantly, it represented a major concession to SERPLAN, the regional federation of local planning authorities (which ironically held its own wake the next day, before being replaced by a new body in the new year).
The South East RPG is out, but because SERPLAN refused to help, the Government had to take a stab at distributing houses itself.