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SERRString Error Rate Reduction
SERRSoftware Error
SERRSystem Error
SERRSociaal-Economische Raad van de Regio (Dutch: Socio-Economic Council of Regions; Belgium)
SERRStrain Energy Release Rate (fracture mechanics)
SERRSearch via Recursive Rejection
SERRSurface-Enhanced Resonance Raman (spectroscopy)
SERRSupport Equipment Requirements Review
SERRSlave Exhaustive Round Robin
SERRStandardized Early Retirement Ratio (health service workers)
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Combined with the results from finite element analysis for concrete beam, the SERR of G, [G.sub.I], and [G.sub.II] can be easily calculated from (7)-(8).
Additionally, the CAA resampling technique consistently had a larger total contribution (SERR = 22.97% for 3 m radius) to wheat yield than that of the SDA re-sampling technique (SERR = 20.29% for 3 m radius).
The strain energy release rate (SERR) was calculated by using the virtual crack closure technique (VCCT) [24, 25], the process of crack growth was described by the nonlinear fracture criterion [26], and the experimental results and simulation results of CFEM were compared.
Serr. (Rutaceae)," Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research, vol.
aureus Sa Pseud 0 E.coli Sa X 0 Serratia Pseud Pseud 0 Positive respiratory tract aspirate 0 X Sa RH/AdV/Sa X X Sp RH/Sp 0 X Hinf, Klebs RH/Hinf 0 X Hinf RSV/Hinf 0 X Hinf RH/AdV/Hinf 0 F E.coli RSV/CMV/Hinf X X Hinf PINF/Sa 0 0 Sa RSV X F Klebs RSV 0 F Sp RSV 0 F Pseud hMPV X X Klebs AdV/PINF Hinf 0 0 F Sa Sa Positive nasal swab 0 Sa 0 0 X Sa F RSV X Sa X RH X Pseud X Sa 0 Sa 0 Sa X Sa F CORO/Sa 0 Sa F Sa/INF Positive nasal swab and respiratory tract aspirate 0 Sa ESBL 0 0 Sa Sa RH/PNP 0 Sa Hinf RSV/hMPV 0 Sp Pseud, Sp CMV 0 Pseud Serr, Sa hMPV X Sa Sa Sa/Sp 0 Sp Sp BOC/Sp AdV: adenovirus; BOC: bocavirus; CMV: cytomegalovirus; CORO: coronavirus; E.
The value of SERR describes the percentage explained by the identified model to the system output.
Mello e Silva AC, Serr Necto A, Galvao LE, Marques SG, Saldanha AC, Pedroso e Silva CM et al.
When questioned about his account by counsel for the MoD Ashley Serr, Dr Frost said: "I'm afraid there has been a criminal conspiracy to cover up a misappropriation of controlled drugs.
DCB test was adopted for the measurement of delamination resistance by evaluating the SERR value to obtain the fracture properties of woven GFRP sandwich composites.
Bider D, Sivan E, Seidman DS, Dulitzky M, Mashiach S, Serr DM, et al.
Education Rights and Responsibilities (SERR) Manual, Chapter 7,