SERRVSales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocation
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Catholic Relief Services links to certain suppliers, including SERRV for crafts and a network of 17 independent coffee roasters, through its fair trade Web site.
World of loom to create a Fair Trade run by SERRV International.
org) is a program of SERRV International, a nonprofit alternative trade organization that works with Third World artisans.
The Visible Commerce Forum includes partnerships with the Body Shop, Oxfam Fair Trade, and SERRV, which markets crafts through 3,000 churches.
Buying products directly from small coops throughout the world, SERRV International markets merchandise through a network of churches and socially-responsible stores across the U.
IN MARCH DOCEY LEWIS, a consultant for an organization called SERRV (Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation Vocation), traveled to Sarajevo for five days to work with the women to set up production schedules and create new marketable designs.