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SERTSerotonin Transporter
SERTSSP (Space Solar Power) Exploratory Research and Technology
SERTState Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Education Resource Teacher (Canada)
SERTSheriff's Emergency Response Team
SERTSpace Electric Rocket Test
SERTSecurity Emergency Response Team
SERTSLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Equestrian Riding Therapy
SERTStudent Emergency Response Team
SERTSchool Emergency Response Team
SERTSeabee Engineering Reconnaissance Team (US DoD)
SERTSeratonin Transporter
SERTSociete d'Etudes et de Realisations Techniques (French)
SERTSpace Electrochemical Research and Technology
SERTSpinning Satellite for Electric Rocket Test
SERTSoftware Engineering Research and Technology
SERTSATCOM Engineering Response Team
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Service for educational activities integrated low threshold access SERT of Reggio Emilia at Via Bocconi.
The SERT officers used BearCat vehicle for cover, which was heavily armoured.
Dan Forman is director of SERT and Rhiannon Bevan is a researcher with SERT.
Pilomatrikoma (PM) genellikle duzgun yuzeyli, sert kivamli, mobil fakat deriye yapisik, boyutlari 0,5 ile 3 cm arasinda degisen, yavas buyumeye egilimli, normal deri renginde ya da pembe-mavi renkli subkutanoz soliter bir kitle seklinde karsimiza cikar, inflamasyon veya ulserasyon yoklugunda cogunlukla asemptomatik olan lezyonun uzerindeki epidermiste bazen renk degisikligi, atrofi, keratinizasyon veya erozyon gibi bulgular izlenebilmektedir (1,2).
SERT and LeuT share >55% identity within the centrally located substrate and ion binding regions suggesting the two [Na.
Although SERT benefits from SPEC's extensive experience developing SPECpower_ssj2008, it differs in key ways from a benchmark.
In experiment 2, we evaluated higher-level semantic processing using two SeRT measures: the Quick Speech in Noise Test (QuickSIN) [20] and Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) [21].
In appearance and content it was quite different from the nearby Vatican Pavilion, at whose centre was yet another monumental painting, the lugubriously titled Saint Teresa, Ambassadress of Divine Love to Spain, Offers to Our Lord the Spanish Martyrs of 1936 by Jose Maria Sert (1874-1945), a near contemporary of Picasso and uncle to Josep Lluis.
CAIRO, Feb 19 (KUNA) -- Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League, Ambassador Ahmad bin Hilli asserted Sunday on the League's commitment to implement decisions made by leaders of the Arab 23rd summit in Sert, Libya, which called for holding the next summit in Baghdad, Iraq.
On August 9th, Derya Sert, who was born without a uterus, became the first woman in the world to receive a womb from a deceased donor.
Sert, author of Hasta Haklari--(Patient Rights From the Perspective of International Documents and Medical Ethics), et al.