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SERVESecure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment
SERVESouthEastern Regional Vision for Education
SERVESouth Eastern Regional Vision for Education
SERVESchool Enrichment Resource Volunteers in Education (Florida)
SERVEServing Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprise
SERVESociety for Enlightenment and Reorganisation of Village Ends
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He would know this: if it is true that you refuse to own his sovereignty, to pay tribute to him in men and maids and cattle, and to serve him in his wars?
Good-morning, granny; our step-mother has sent us to wait upon you, and serve you.
A time, however, will come for your ladyships to command and me to obey, and then the might of my arm will show my desire to serve you.
I shall adore God, sir," said Raoul, "respect royalty and ever serve the king.
I only fear to be placed so that I cannot serve your majesty.
Pardon me, monsieur le duc," interrupted Raoul, "do not tell the king so, for it is not the king I wish to serve.
Now the Sheriff did not yet know what a force Robin had about him in Sherwood, but thought that he might serve a warrant for his arrest as he could upon any other man that had broken the laws; therefore he offered fourscore golden angels to anyone who would serve this warrant.
Then they told him dinner would be served directly and he replied that they could not serve it too quickly to suit his convenience.
Eager to please and serve his new gods, he took advantage of the first opportunity to worry a canoe-load of blacks who came visiting on board.
Which is the way of the dog, the only animal that will cheerfully and gladly, with leaping body of joy, leave its food uneaten in order to accompany or to serve its human master.
But he was still in want of a person to serve his literary interests in London.
My man," said he, "we want ye to serve in the round-house.